“Diane has worked with me for many years – first on pain management and ease of walking while waiting for hip surgery and later as a pianist dealing with rotator/bicep tear surgery.  In both cases, she helped me understand how my body and mind/emotions were interrelated and gave me tools to move more easily in my world. I would recommend Diane and her knowledge about Alexander Technique to anyone!”

—Nancy, piano teacher

“Diane has been instrumental not only in aiding my physical comfort, but has also helped me face life transitions by claiming my own unique space in the world.  I was referred to the Alexander Technique because of a genetic disorder that causes pain and limits my movement.  Thanks to Diane, I am less limited in all aspects of life.”

—LaurieAnn, minister and counselor

“I have worked with Diane for five years.  For the prior thirty years, my low back and hip problems escalated to the point where my life was just too compromised. A massage therapist referred me to Diane, and my life is now immensely better. I am much more in tune with how to move, and now I have a number of physical and mental exercises to combat aches and pains before they escalate.  I can sit again and am very happy to be back on the ski slopes!”

—Jan, retired commercial real estate executive

“I suffered with chronic pain in my neck, back, and wrist.  For years I went to physical therapy when the pain exacerbated.  My primary care physician suggested I see Diane.  The Alexander Technique has changed my life.  Diane has given me the skills to manage my pain.  She has shown me ways to pre-empt it by changing the way I move.  I am so excited to understand the works of Diane and the Alexander Technique, that I have been spreading the word to all of my family, friends and co-workers. I am fortunate to know that Diane is the best resource to manage my pain.”

—Kerry, nurse

“Because I often play on electric keyboards, I was working too hard trying to make the music soar and hurting myself.  Diane reminded me of my natural state of ease. As a fellow musician, she really gets what it takes to be in the music.   I also brought Diane out to work with my choir, and they responded so well in just one workshop. If you’re seeking out ways to “fill the well”, some sessions with Diane will be such a gift!”

—Anne Marie, composer, pianist, and singer

“I came to work with Diane because of her vibrant, can-do, positive personality that anything is possible.  I am a runner, and with her background of coaching her youngest son on how to run using the Alexander Technique, I knew she was the perfect fit for me.  Diane has had suggestions on everything about my use. Diane is gifted in working with the whole person.”

—Debbie, runner and visual artist

“As I reflect upon my work with Diane over the past 8 years, I marvel at how many different ways the Alexander Technique has positively impacted my life.  It has helped me be a better athlete and a better public speaker.  But more than anything, it has given me time to pause and reflect upon the subtle changes in my life in a way that I truly appreciate.”

—Bonnie, engineer and dressage rider

“I’ve tried everything to fix my neck and shoulder problems – physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, etc, but it wasn’t until starting with Diane that I even learned what was causing my pain! I feel like I’m finally on the road to true recovery thanks to her, and surprisingly enough, it’s all been through Skype calls. I’m amazed. Thanks, Diane!”

—Lee, screenwriter and teacher